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groovepages templates

The UNO Template

UNO is just one of the GroovePages Templates you'll get. It's an all in one business or personal one page wonder and designed specially for Groove. Use it for yourself or for your clients. 

groovepages templates

Members Area

YES! This website was built within the Groove App. The sites built in the app are all fully responsive to adapt to the dimensions of any device. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a free account and our Free GroovePages Templates!

groovepages fast loading speeds

Pages Load

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    More Templates For You

    Not only do you get the preloaded templates that Groove already provides but when you create your FREE Groove Account with us you'll get access to our Free GrooveFunnels Templates also!
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    Works for any profession. Just swap images and your good to go. Beautiful elegant design. 

    GroovePages Templates Uno Theme


    Change colors, swap images, edit text or use as is. Works well for plumber, electrician, etc. any profession. 

    GroovePages Template Construction Theme

    Salon / Spa

    Works well for salons, spa, barber shop, etc. Use for your own business or clients. Hosting is FREE Membership is FREE.

    GroovePages Template Spa Salon Theme


    Product Funnel

    Sell whatever you want online. Retro is a GrooveFunnels Templates Theme.  
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    Sales Page

    groovefunnels templates retro theme sales page

    Upsell Page

    groovefunnels templates retro theme upsell page

    Optin Page

    groovefunnels templates retro theme optin page

    Thank You Page

    groovefunnels templates retro theme thank you page


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    Get our free GrooveFunnels Templates when you signup with us.

    Groove will surpass and out perform all platforms EVEN if you only have the Free Version.

    Groove will takeover the market because it’s so much more than just a landing page builder.

    Right Now GroovePages is FREE!!!

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    You are absolutely right! Nothing is free but this is. You are getting everything you will need to get started selling your goods or services online and the opportunity to become an affiliate. This is also taught!

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    Yes absolutely. If you don't have a domain and you just want to take Groove for a spin then just use our sub domain first. There's nothing like a good test drive, right? Plus you'll also get free SSL Certificates.  

    Are there any other choices besides a free account?

    Yes. Right now there is a lifetime offer for the full suite of apps before it goes to a monthly plan. You'll find that link below. 

    I don't know anything about building a website.

    That's okay. This is why there are prebuilt templates for you to use. If you can edit text you can do this. There are also plenty of video tutorials dedicated to this topic. Plus there are live video Q&A and HOW TO SESSIONS every week.

    So what's the catch?

    There is no catch.....but we're counting on you to learn, be very successful and by then you just might consider upgrading for the full suite of marketing Super Powers.  

    So how do I get started?

    To get started just click on the buttons found on this page. You'll be redirected to another page where you can create a free account. 

    How do I get the templates?

    After you sign up you will gain instant access to the members area. GrooveSell will send an email that's titled "Fabian G has sent you the following bonuses". The email will contain the download link to your awesome bonus templates. 

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